Meat processing plant SIWEK

Meat processing plant SIWEK

Meat processing plant"SIWEK" is a family firm.

We started our production on poultry resources, specialising in brawn turkey and jelly turkey deliveries.

Regulary takeing care about highest quality and flavour we had widen our production assortment.

n 2003 year we have builded our new production plant which is situated on Żywiecczyzna area and is equipped in hitech technology line absolutely compatible with UE standards.

Administration is succour with HACCP system.We are also applying for ISO certificate according to DIN EN 9001 norms.

Combination of hitech technology and craftsman tradition are attributes of our firm.We are trying to adjust precisely our assortment to our customers liking, realising our motto "Healthy, good food".

We are achieveing this by combinaton of high quality resources, hitech production technology, traditional recipes and punctilious quality inspection
on all stages of production.Our workers team is efficient and well educated.

We deliver our products with our specialistic public transport.

To settle regional needs we have opened our two warehouses on the area of Bielsko-Biała and Żywiec.If requested we deliver on spot with our own transportation.

We are improveing quality systematicly and work organization so it helps us to get reliance and appreciation of our customers.

We assure that everyone who visites our plant or stands is going to be warmly welcome!